A Sampler for the Spirit…

We’ll come right out and say it: religion has a lot to answer for. Doesn’t matter which religion it is—so often, religion feels rigid, confining, narrow-minded, the exact opposite of what it’s meant to stand for. Religion has been used to justify war, oppression, exclusivity, and hatred.

But what if it were different? What if religion were about expansiveness, the unfolding of the heart, the deepening of the spirit? What if religion could open up a space for holiness instead of shutting it down?

What if you had the chance to explore some of the ways that people have reached for that sense of beauty and awe throughout the centuries? What if you could explore the spiritual practices of the major religions without the fear of evangelism, pressure, or bad jell-o molds?

Sacred Snapshots is a day-long event celebrating spiritual practices from a range of religions and traditions.

Each hour you can choose from an array of experiential sessions and brain-bending lectures on divinity in its many forms, taught by progressive leaders, thinkers, and practitioners of various faiths.

In one day, you can try anything from drumming, to meditation, to Taize, to sacred dance. Try poetry as a spiritual practice, sing gospel or chant mantras, walk a labyrinth. Write an inventory. Learn about 12-step spirituality, experience yoga.

Also, each hour, we’ll hold a worship or ritual from a different tradition.

And of course, we’re transforming our campus into a kind of multi-faith altar – we’re thinking of it like an art installation, because prayer should be like that – full of beauty, wonder, and inspiration.

Because, as Rumi says, there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. Come and find the way that works for you.

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